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Both beautiful and scary, and indeed powerful in every meaning of the word, that’s lightning. And, it is the symbol of everything that is quick. That’s why the sweetest racing car ever has got the name Lightning Mc Queen. The story about him is worth seeing for grownups as well as kids. It’s easy to recognize the different type of characters, and relate them to people one meet during a lifetime.

This car was the inspiration to the hat and neck warmer called Lightning. Of course the colours are different, and the symbols have another shape, but the idea started with Mc Queen, and the world around him.

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TechniquePosted by AudB 02 Oct, 2017 19:04:02

Everyone who loves to go fishing knows that there are different ways to cast the line. That could depend on surroundings, equipment or other things. There is always something new to learn, and techniques to test.

Sometimes it is just like a door opens, to a new world, only because of the knowledge of a new technique. And it is all fun to explore how it works, and to find out which new possibilities it contains.

Maybe a new technique will make some tasks easier, but also give new challenges. Maybe it will be the solution needed to come further with an idea. One can guess, but never know exactly, before this new technique has been practiced on the project one hoped it would work for.

Like the jacket Playful. At first it was just meant to be a small crocheted piece, to test how the technique worked. Then the inspiration came, to make something more. It certainly was some questions who needed answers, before it could be a jacket, but it was all worth it. And – a lot of fun.

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ItemsPosted by AudB 02 Sep, 2017 19:53:44

It’s not easy to say, but fact is that there are a lot of designs where a football is some part of it. Somehow designers all over the world find inspiration in this item. Of course there is a lot of clothing decorated with footballs, but one will find them at curtains, blankets, bedclothes, party stash, boxes, wallpaper, pencils and other school materials as well. And much more.

Maybe the football represents something we like to be identified with. It does certainly signal activity and joy, but also movement and mastering, not to mention development.

For this sweater, the inspiration was most of all the joy in a child’s face, when playing with a ball. To see how much fun a child has in just watching a ball bouncing.

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NaturePosted by AudB 29 Jul, 2017 22:18:07

Everyone should have a beach like this nearby. A quiet, nice place, where it is possible to find peace. Where the colours are bright, and the sound of the waves is soft.

There is a lot of ways to bring a piece of a favorite place with you. Photos and pictures are the most common way, even though every person finds their own way. Why not crochet something which reminds you of the place?

This exact beach gave inspiration to the blanket waves. First it was the colours. The beautiful combination of greyish sand, blue water and some spots of white. Then this crochet technique made it possible to strengthen the expression of waves, by using three colours alternately, and with the curved shape.

And, voilà! A piece of the beach, to bring everywhere you like.

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NaturePosted by AudB 08 Jul, 2017 07:36:06

Sometimes the inspiration in a design is obvious, and easy to recognize in a finished product. Sometime one will have to take a closer look to find the link between them.

Here is one example on the first. The jacket Granite is inspired by the rocks along the seaside in the northern part of Norway. Both the colour and the texture are easy to recognize. The grey and white mixed together in the squares, reminds of granite, at least the grey variant. The use of garter makes texture, which put one’s mind to the round shape of the rocks.

The nature has been a source for inspiration at all times, and still it inspires new designs and new people. It seems to always be something to inspire someone. Like a day to day wonder.

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